Saturday, 16 May 2009

Brawl Review Part III

Part I & Part II of this character review were posted a year ago (with part 1 posted a year ago), when I had full intent of finishing them, so now is that time. Now where the hell was I? Ah yes, secret characters, let’s knock that out of the park.

Captain Falcon
CaptainFalconBrawlFalcon is a very mismatch character for me, I usually die via Falcon Kick, and his Final Smash can be a bit tricky to hit. His throws are pretty good as I recall though.

FalcoFalcoBrawlFalco isn’t a character I use a whole lot. He’s not bad and has some nice quick combos, but I still prefer using Fox, though he ranks above Wolf.


GanonbrawlSee Falcon, replace Falcon with Ganon.



I mean really, who uses Jigglypuff? One useful move of Rollout. It can float about, but so can Kirby and he’s the superior choice in pink balloon things in Brawl.



Always in his brother’s shadow and rightly so. Luigi’s Final Smash is perhaps his saving grace because he can then Up + B everyone to death,


MarthBrawlUse Ike instead. Better moves, better Final Smash and he doesn’t look like a woman.


NessBrawl Use Lucas instead. Read previous Marth statement, replace woman with something else.

Mr Game & Watch

GameWatchBrawlMr Game & Watch is a bit of weird one. Odd Final Smash and no heavy hitting attack besides his 9-Judge Hammer which is usually a KO.

Aaaand…I’m bored of writing about Brawl. Hopefully Part IV will be up by the 16th, then I can finally stop writing about this.

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