Sunday, 17 May 2009

Start eating healthily

I get an e-mail that says this almost every week from my past self via the Amazon owned site, 43 Things to try and remind myself to start eating really healthily. However, I constantly find it difficult to do, even though I enjoy healthy foods like salads, celery and other greens and smoothies and such.


Alas, there’s usually another green that stops me from eating as well as I could. It’s that little thing called money.

Unfortunately, especially with the current recession, the price of all the healthy foods seem to escalating. I thought they were pretty bad before, but when it’s costing more than £1.20 for an iceberg lettuce, it’s a step in the wrong direction. When I can walk up the road and get some chips from the chip shop for £1 instead and make some kind of meal out of that.


Of course this may just be a ‘get-out clause’ for myself to not start losing weight or anything, but I have always felt that the things that are greasy and fatty are cheap, the items that are healthy and slimming are more expensive. Surely, this is the wrong way round and probably partly to blame for the obesity “crisis” but I know that it won’t change.

I’m still going to keep getting these e-mails and try to turn around to healthier eating, but it might take me some time.

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