Saturday, 23 May 2009

Poker in the ace with the nuts

I found the title witty, screw you. So, you may not know but my parents both play poker, and even teach it to new players, but I’ve never quite got on board with it. This is Texas No-Hold ‘Em Poker by the way, because what else would you play?

However, I was invited to my stepfather’s usual play at a place called “Dusk ‘Til Dawn” so thought I’d better get some practice in. I’ve been practicing on the following site:

pokerlogoI started off with about $1,000 of Play Money, and am now down to $400 after nearly losing it all on an all-in. Hopefully, this is my bad luck getting out of the way before I play tonight.

If you use that site, I’m “PkmnTrainerJ” and my avatar is a panda, because that was perhaps the best thing.

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  1. well done my little padawan.....welcome to the dark side of card gaming ....muuuhahahahah !


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