Thursday, 28 May 2009

I need a holiday

Why are the banks still having these damn holidays in these tough economic times? Surely they need to be working harder, not kicking back.

early-may-bank-holidayBank holidays have never really affected me though, as Mondays have been my regular day off since I started work at 16. However, if you work in retail like I do, bank holidays mean nothing but stress and sweating.

cash_till_203x152Bank holiday weekends are no different, as most stupid customers (interpreted in retail as “all customers”) assume you’re shut for the Monday, and proceed to do an entire week’s shopping as though the world will end because you’re shut, even though our store is open every day, including Christmas Day. And yes, whilst it’s nice taking a few more grand than we do, I don’t earn any extra money nor recognition for it, so it doesn’t bother how busy we are, though I must pretend I give a crap when the boss is about.

I was working this most recent bank holiday on Saturday and Sunday for about six hours each day, with of course, minimal staff. So the days were pretty fucking manic and we took an extra £5,000 or so from each day, and everyone was pretty stressed out by the end of it. Thanks to all the staff I did work with. You made it a hell of a lot less stressful for myself. Well done, if I didn’t say so already. I’m never working a bank holiday weekend again though, you can stick it up your arse as Bernard Black would say.

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