Friday, 6 November 2009

Who lives in a house like this?

4807591 Wait. I do. Though it’s a flat, as opposed to a house. You might recall when I showed off the pictures of my flat not long after I moved in and got sorted out. I thought now that @benjirino has moved in and I’ve almost been here a year, I’d show off some before and after pictures to show you how things are now. Above is the kitchen.


4810266 This is before, when it was very basic. It’s not changed much but has become a little messier, and then tidy, and now should remain at a standard of tidiness. Now let’s see today:

IMG_0286It’s still a little messy, but it is in my nature. The sofa that was in the living room is now in there, as is a TV previously in the living room. Posters are now up too, to make it seem more like an actual room. I think it’s quite an improvement. Also out of shot, my clothes are a lot more sorted.


The previous kitchen shot is at the top of the page, so then let’s see today’s:

IMG_0287Not a big change on the surface, but plates and things are a lot more decluttered now in the cupboards. To be fair, I already had the main things like a dishwasher, washing machine etc. but Benji did get a much needed microwave a few months ago.

Bathroom4806310Very boringly basic before. A small stack of Penny Arcade books in the corner, and not really many other defining features. So now, how does it look?

IMG_0288 Many new things in here! Coffee table for the Penny Arcade books, which are now accompanied by copies of Nintendo magazine, Lost magazine and Powerslam. There’s now a large mirror and even *gasp* a shower now, as you can see the rail just at the top. There’s also two washing baskets in here, one being Benji’s. This room has probably changed the most besides the living room.

Living Room

I didn’t actually show off the living room last time, but instead have two photos.

IMG_0290 Yes, we have two TVs before you state this, being geeks it’s required. Can’t be playing Kingdom Hearts and hogging all the TV, so having two makes sense. There’s a fireplace behind that airer, but I’ve only switched it on three times since I’ve been here. Now on the other side:

IMG_0289 Yep, two sofas too, and two bookcases, though you can’t see mine too well.

Shan’t show off Benji’s room as I don’t think he’d want me to post it on here without prior knowledge. But, that’s where I live. Looks much better now than it once did.

Thursday, 5 November 2009


mask2What a way to start a story about bonfire night, with a picture of Jim Carey as The Mask. Man, my blog is awesome. :)

219269xl So perhaps you celebrate Guy Fawkes’ Night, to go with the tradition of celebrating the downfall of the infamous gunpowder plot. If you don’t, the basic tradition is to launch fireworks and have a bonfire like the one above, whilst eating unhealthy foods like hot dogs and burgers.

My family often celebrated this, until we all got a bit too old, but are doing it tonight for my little brother’s girlfriend as she’s not ever had a fireworks display before. I am alas working, but I don’t mind.

splode Anyways, if you’d like to cast your mind back a few years, when I was 16 I think. I had just been out with a few friends and was ludicrously chilled out, and it slipped my mind that it was actually bonfire night.

I got back home and the festivities were about to begin, and the grandparents arrived, as did the next door neighbours I think. I was happily rocking about and enjoying things, when I was pulled aside and entered in to a conversation I didn’t think I’d ever have. I’m obviously paraphrasing, so if my mother comments, she might recall the situation better than I.

Mum: “Joe, are you stoned?”

stoned I was quite taken aback by this, as previously mentioned, no drugs ever. I’ve never even had a cigarette.

Me: “No…why?”
Mum: “Yes you are. Don’t do it again when you know Gran and Grandpa are going to be here.”

Now, I understand that most folk think I look constantly stoned and worry what I would actually be like if I were stoned, as I’m laid back enough as it is, but to think that I actually was?

I don’t think I was spoken to for much of the rest of the evening, having somehow let people down by supposedly doing something which I’ve never really even entertained the idea of doing.

Yeah, that was certainly a fun conversation, in which I seemed like the bad guy without even realizing it.

I was also accused a few months later of leaving discarded cigarette packets in the garden, but I’m sure that was really my youngest brother starting smoking back then.

That’s my super fun bonfire night memory, anyone else got any good ones?

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Remember Novémbré

2822667304_a8d1a3a593_oI’ve had a busy, but fun past two weeks, so didn’t prep a “monthly look ahead” post as I usually do, so it’s being posted now instead.

Sketchy on the details3782499419_e661e6b4c1 I’m going to try and keep at a steady pace with my drawing once again, and try as hard as I can to get the comic started before the end of the year.

Job Huntingian-smith-old-cv-page-1I often get fed up with my job, and I know it could be a lot worse, but it could also be a lot better, so I’m going to see what else is on offer out there this month.

Brains!brain-1 I’m going back to the hospital on the 20th of this month, to see if they can tell me any more about my seemingly mysterious neurological problems. I am hoping that they stick me with some medication, or run some more tests. Anything else than “meh. You seem fine.”

Unfortunately that’s all I can think of for this month, well, as long as I’m happy right? And I’m currently very happy and often ecstatic. :)

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I’ve been having these weird thoughts lately…


Well, in truth they are more peculiar dreams. I have been mentioning them on Twitter, but I’d rather go for a full blown explanation on here of the past few in reverse date order (so most recent one first).

A new ace attorneyhoney-monster1 In this dream, I was in a courtroom over some trivial matter, and had a strange defence lawyer. It was the honey monster from the Sugar Puffs adverts. He was dressed rather plainly in a suit, parading about the courtroom and defending me and appeared to be winning the case. No-one reacted to it, and the judge passed it off as normal and I ended up being found not guilty for whatever it was I had done.

RAW’s scary guest hostmarshWWE RAW has a thing of having a guest host each week at the moment, and in my dream, the next guest host had been announced as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and I started off watching next week’s show in the dream, enough to see the marshmallowy giant walk out in to the ring, only to realise he couldn’t get in it.

What an interesting revolutionlegopeeps In this next dream, I was watching TV and a newswoman was recapping the recent overthrow of the US President, Barack Obama, claiming he had been replaced by a sentient LEGO person, and that now we know they had been secretly living within society and waiting for their time to rise and had chosen now to do it, and then we cut to a speech from the new president, and I changed channels.

Not as stealthy as they once wereborrowers_jim3For this one, being the one from last night, I had a tool shed in a long garden and had gone there to do some work when I noticed some people that resembled The Borrowers sneaking around the plant pots and stuff. I had a quick conversation with them, telling them I already knew they were here and didn’t mind. They spoke of getting ready for Christmas and I informed them to borrow what they like, just stay out of sight of others besides myself, and then wandered back out to the garden leaving them to their own devices.


Just for the record, I have never taken any illegal drugs, not on any medication or anything like that, these are just my regular dreams from my subconscious.