Thursday, 30 December 2010

iApp Review - Board Games

These are apps in my "Board Games" folder.


Who doesn't love Scrabble? Scrabble on the go on the iPhone is very good, and essentially the same as playing it on a board.

There's quite a cheating "Best Word" button that though you can only use four tines is really cheap.

Pass and Play is good, and can be done over one iDevice or via WiFi between them.

Your other option is to buy "Scrabble Tile Rack" on four iDevices and then the main Scrabble game on an iPad and then have a super expensive game of Scrabble.


Buy it here - (UK iTunes) Scrabble

Price: Free

Words With Friends is a game like Scrabble but you play against other users and at whatever pace you want.

I could play a move soon after someone else and then be waiting a few days for them to make a move, or if they're in a different time zone it's convenient too.

There's also a chat feature which is sometimes handy. There's still a Pass And Play and local multiplayer options available but the main bulk is playing against other users online.

Words With Friends (Free) is an essential app if you like games like Scrabble.


Download it here - (UK iTunes) Words With Friends Free

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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Another side of Twitter

I've been using Twitter now for over two years and my main account is pretty active.

I started following a Kingdom Hearts RP account a few months back and then eventually set one up too. It reminds me of my old time in e-Feds and writing Pokémon stories. It is here if you are interested.

It lets me be a bit creative in a very short space of time but also provides a good base background to work from and as I like the character's personality with poker playing, Time control and being a good wordsmith, it suits me.

I've not many followers so far outside of others who do the same thing, some of whom do seem a little nuts about the whole thing, and I didn't know this whole RPing side of Twitter existed until last year.

Twitter is constantly growing and evolving and it's great.

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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Things I cannot touch

You may have seen me mention #thingsicannottouch as a hashtag on Twitterbefore now and I thought it best to explain further.

Basically, touching certain things like peaches, dry sponges and unglazed pottery makes me feel queasy. Not sure why, it just does.

I work with fresh fruits amongst other things so that makes the peaches and pears bits rather annoying. I'm pretty sure I'd vomit if I had to hold one of the things for a certain length of time.

It's just an annoyance at times, when I can't get pasta bake trays/casserole dishes in to an oven because of it's ceramic base. I'd drop it.

I guess I'll get over it one day.
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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Finally don't care

During a few conversations on Twitter, I realised that I no longer cared about future Final Fantasy titles being released.

I used to be a day one purchaser (from VII onwards when I had my own cash and knowledge of the series), so where did it all go wrong? I guess it started with XI, a little, when I knew I wouldn't be buying a MMPORPG, even if it did pretend to be Final Fantasy. Then XII was released and became the biggest Final Fantasy dissapointment to me since playing Final Fantasy II, right after finishing Final Fantasy I. I thought XIII might manage to draw me back in but all that seems to be is a long tutorial in sparkly destruction. So, unless it's remakes or things linked back to older games, I consider myself done with Final Fantasy.

Fortunately, Squeenix still get my money because of Kingdom Hearts, a franchise I really like, though I know it is sometimes childish. There's a "new" (been redesigned for DS, tweaked, new features etc.) game coming out soon called Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, which ought to be good, then that'll be followed up by Birth By Sleep, which has been anticipated since Kingdom Hearts II came out many years ago, then Tetsuya Nomura says he's also working on two other KH titles so they should keep me going really.

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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Going Postal - Upcoming

This aired recently on Sky1, so a review of the book and the Sky1 adaption will soon follow. In the mean time, can I recommend you follow @goingpostalnews on Twitter?

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Monday, 17 May 2010

A pressing engagement


I’ve not posted in a little while, and this one will just be a tweet that speaks for itself.


Monday, 22 March 2010

Wii Fat

Now anyone that knows me will tell you (or maybe not, depends how nice they're being) that I'm overweight.

About eight months ago (when this post was started and drafted, then forgotten about), I weighed almost 18st, and had a 40 inch waist.

Of course, as fellow chubby gamers might know, there is an alternative to doing any real excerise:

Wii Fit, for it's few faults, is quite good at keeping you on track as it sets a goal weight for you and tells you off for putting on weight, to which you have to designate a reason.

It's a good way of tracking your weight and seeing where you're going wrong if you stick at it, but there's little structure. You could play only the balance games and ignore all the muscle workouts.

My fiancée recently set me on to this other Wii workout game and it seems to work very well.

EA Sports Active More Workouts (yes, long title) comes with a leg strap and resistance band. The idea is that you put the leg strap on and insert the Wii's nunchuck in to it so that it can monitor when you're running or lunging. The resistance band is a peculiar pink rubbery strand with two handles at the end. Most of the time you stand on the rubbery part and pull the handles towards you whilst excercising.

With the game, you start a six-week challenge, during which you work out for four days of the week (of your choice) and then it assigns you different sets of workouts for those days, getting progressively tougher as you continue. During the "days off" you assign you still need to fill out the "EA Sports Active Survey" detailing what you've eaten, sugar intake and the like.

I didn't mean for this to turn in to a review but it sort of did. Using both these fitness games and doing a few other things means that my waist is now 34" and I now weight 16st, so it's all good.

If this is a review the games need scoring, but I'll forgo my usual system as it doesn't suit fitness games and just go for a score out of 10.

WII FIT: 7/10

Please note that they don't fit in to my usual scoring and are more of an "excercises game" score.

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Friday, 5 March 2010

Kitties Part II: Extra Ginger

The family's cat had more kittens. Six this time.

I promise I'll post some actually interesting stuff later this month.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Merry New Catch-‘em-all-up

gotta_catch_em_allSo, my last post on here seems to have been quite some time ago. Firstly I should wish you all a belated happy new year and then let you know what’s been going on in the interim.

RelationshipHeart-BlendingThe main reason I’ve not been blogging is because I’ve got a girlfriend recently, and I’ve been rather busy with things that aren’t blogging whilst getting a new relationship started up and making her happy.

Head Issueslivingwithepilepsy3The problem with my head seems to be epilepsy to let you all know, but not the usual photosensitive kind that people think of when they think of epilepsy. I don’t know what triggers it yet, but I’ve been told I can’t drive for a year to ensure I’m free of any attacks. I’ve also got some medicine for it to take every day and then I’ll be updated on it in about four months.

I’m too young for thispeter.parker.uncle.ben I’m now going to be an uncle, as my little brother’s girlfriend is a few months pregnant. It’s a bit odd, as he’s the youngest member of the family, but the first one to be having a child. Still, I am quite happy for them.

KittenskittensI don’t know if I mentioned it on here before, but we now have kittens, as seen above. They are very cute, and are named Charlie and Hiro.

That’s all I can think of that you need be caught up on for now, I’ve got a few reviews that I’ll get around to writing when I’ve the time, and a few tales to tell, but for now this is goodbye again for a bit.