Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Finally don't care

During a few conversations on Twitter, I realised that I no longer cared about future Final Fantasy titles being released.

I used to be a day one purchaser (from VII onwards when I had my own cash and knowledge of the series), so where did it all go wrong? I guess it started with XI, a little, when I knew I wouldn't be buying a MMPORPG, even if it did pretend to be Final Fantasy. Then XII was released and became the biggest Final Fantasy dissapointment to me since playing Final Fantasy II, right after finishing Final Fantasy I. I thought XIII might manage to draw me back in but all that seems to be is a long tutorial in sparkly destruction. So, unless it's remakes or things linked back to older games, I consider myself done with Final Fantasy.

Fortunately, Squeenix still get my money because of Kingdom Hearts, a franchise I really like, though I know it is sometimes childish. There's a "new" (been redesigned for DS, tweaked, new features etc.) game coming out soon called Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, which ought to be good, then that'll be followed up by Birth By Sleep, which has been anticipated since Kingdom Hearts II came out many years ago, then Tetsuya Nomura says he's also working on two other KH titles so they should keep me going really.

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