Friday, 26 December 2008

IT'S wait, it's Boxing Day

So, now a short blog post about the presents and things I recieved, before I make a "look back on 2008" post soon. First of all though, as it's more important, I'd like to mention the things I gave.

Youngest Brother
I have three brothers (I'm the eldest of the siblings), and the youngest one (please don't ask me ages or specifics) likes Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers and those kind of shows. So he got the first season on DVD, which I found at a good price while Woolworth's was closing down. He's been watching it quite happily on his DVD player. Middle Brother The middle brother (is he 17? That sounds close) played Animal Crossing: Wild World a lot for quite some time until we had to send his DS off for repair about two weeks ago. His main forums for it went down lately too, which sucks a little. However, he got Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City for the Wii. He borrowed my DS to transfer his Wild World data and appears to like it. I assume he'll enjoy it more when he starts gathering friend codes and the like.

Oldest Brother
He only has a PS2 at the moment, and disliked FIFA 09 when he tried a demo. I have no idea about football/soccer, but as I understand it fans of the games either like FIFA or PES. As he'd mentioned his dislike of FIFA, I got him PES and he seemed quite happy about it.

She likes the Narnia films, and as my parents had got her the first one, I picked her up the second film, which I actually went to go and see with her. It took about half an hour from her opening it, to going and watching it which was nice to see. Mother Gok Wan's new book, almost brought the wrong one when in Waterstone's, so thanks to the helpful assistant there. She spent Christmas afternoon browsing through it.

This wallet still hasn't arrived yet, but he knows he's getting it and desparately needs a new wallet.

I got Crayola DS stylus's which are still in my pocket at the moment and I was using them on Animal Crossing: Wild World. The wrapping around them is the proper Crayola stuff, which I used to tear off as a child, so that's becoming a hard temptation to resist. Then there was all the usual things such as pyjamas, money, and smelly sets. I also got a Discworld Companion book, as my shelf is filled with Pratchett novels, and My Name Is Earl season 3 on DVD. The best gift I got however, which I am still wearing and intend to use every day is my binary watch. Something I mentioned a few weeks ago after seeing it on ThinkGeek, and seeing how they worked. It's absolutely awesome.

Mine is blue. The time on those watches is 10:15. It's a pretty cool and geeky way to see what time it is, and I'll look either clever or childish when telling folk the time. Hope you all had a great Christmas, and are looking forward to 2009 with bated breath, much like myself.

Sunday, 16 November 2008


Objection denied, Mr. Wright.

Those of you who recognise the logo above will know what I am about to blog about. Those of you who don't know it may not be as enlightened as the other group by this post. However, there shall be a brief history lesson in all things Ace Attourney.

The first three Ace Attourney games were released in Japan under a silly long name that I can't remember. The first one "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney" was released in the UK for the DS sometime ago. It proved very successful here and in North America, so the rest of them were translated and adapted, and a new version was made from scratch.

I know that the idea of a "courtroom drama" may not sound enticing and engrossing but it is. The basic premise of the game is to prove that your client is innocent. Usually you (the player) sees the murder take place prior to meeting your client. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong.

In order to prove your client's innocence you need to gather evidence about them. This ranges from talking to other characters, examining items and exposing lies in what people say to you. Once you have the right evidence, and statements, the game progresses to court where you must cross-examine eyewitnesses accounts and present evidence to the contrary. You start off unsure of how to proceed, and then you begin to piece it all together.

At times like this, when you have evidence which proves the witness is lying, you may press Y and shout OBJECTION! at your DS. This again, you do timidly at first, and then by the end of the game, you're imitating Phoenix Wright when you shout it. You can also press X, but that's for losers.

I've started to get back in to the game series, and if you haven't tried it before do so. If you have, pick up any of the ones you're missing.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Ember Series reviews/recaps

So, now that I have waded my way through Jeanne DuPrau's Ember series after discovering about it some time ago, I shall attempt to review the four parts of it. This is a fair warning:


Let's start with the first (and perhaps best) book of the series. In the city known as Ember (a city built to last only 200 years, where in fact it is the year 215/214 in Ember), two children, Lina Mayfleet & Doon Harrow become closely associated after they discover that there could be a way out of their dying city. Lina's younger sister finds a document left behind by the people who built the city known as The Builders.

The Builders comprimise a kind of religion within Ember, which I feel was not expanded on enough. Mrs. Murdo, who later takes care of Lina and her sister is rather avid that The Builders will come back to save them from the impending danger of the lights in the city going out due to lack of electricity. There is also a day called The Singing which takes place in Ember every year where the Emberites unite and sing about the good things etc.

In school the students are taught that Ember is the only light within a dark world, and as far as they know Ember is the whole world. Areas outside of Ember are poorly (if at all) lit. They are known as The Unknown Regions, and people who venture out there hardly ever return.

Doon and Lina eventually work out the secrets of the message, and find a series of boats and candles (the moveable lights that Doon was always thinking of) which they use to take them out of Ember along a dangerous river beneath the Pipeworks.

They take the journey and then find a steep ledge, where light shines through from the top. After a long travel up there, they discover that Ember is actually an underground city. They come out in to a post-disaster world, where nothing seems alive.

A wolf wanders along with a plum in it's mouth, so Lina & Doon are aware that it's safe to eat it. They realise that the rest of Ember has no idea where they have gone, and that they also have no food in this strange and confusing new world, with things such as the sun that the Emberites have never seen before.

So, they drop down a note to the rest of the city, hoping someone finds it and the rest of Ember follow them.

In regards to Lina & Doon, given that they are only twelve, and this is a children's book, the feelings they have for one another don't ascend much beyond friendship in this book. I was a little disappointed with that, but it does get hinted at in later books.

In the end, my rating for The City Of Ember is:

Four Poké Balls out of five. Have not yet decided on how my rating system goes, but this seems rather fitting for now.

Now on to the second of the four books. In The People Of Sparks, the other 400+ citizens of Ember (besides the mayor and his cronies, who were hoarding the last of the food supplies) march along to one of the post-Disaster settlements known as Sparks. Sparks has it's own background, with the people of The Last Truck setting up Sparks.

It turns out that Sparks had no idea about Ember, and begrudgingly take in the citizens. Eventually, mean messages are left, and there's a rift between the Emberites (a word used to describe the people from Ember) and the Sparksonians (a word not used in the series, just made it up) and there is distrust between the two sides. The Emberites are still getting used to things in the new world, such as bread, rain and fire for comfort and warmth.

These new feelings of completley unknown things, like when Torren explains war to Lina, are unfortunately very short but in some cases they are compelling.

Lina goes off with a roamer, Caspar, to seek out the new city that she hears him speak of. This could not have been more of a waste of Lina's character. Lina & Doon are excellent when together. The only time that separation was okay for a time was in Diamond Of Darkhold, and then it went on for too long.

Neither character is good enough to support a chapter by themselves, but together they form a great "couple-character". Doon in the meantime, is off with all his male friends (which from the way described in the book starts to make him sound homosexual) and of course it is one of the Emberites who launched the attacks on the Emberites.

Near the end of the book, a fire breaks out, and Lina dashes to help and is soon joined by the rest of Ember. All seems fine, and the Sparksonians decide that the Emberites can stay as long as they want. Nice happy ending. :-)
A nice 3 out of 5 for People Of Sparks. Nice story, but not as good as The City Of Ember.

*sigh* Now to begin the trainwreck that is the "prequel" to The City Of Ember. Oh, Jeanne, where did you go wrong? The Prophet Of Yonwood features a strange city where the people follow words spoken by a Prophet named Althea, which are interpreted by a woman who takes care of her. During the book, war is alluded to making it seem like the war will be the first one mentioned in People Of Sparks, but it turns out to be "cancelled" by the town's resident nutjob, Hoyt McCoy.

This book claims to be a prequel, but the prequel part only happens afterwards. I'm not even going to bother with more than that. Avoid this book, reading it offers you no extra things for Ember. A measly one out of five.

Avoid this book if at all possible.

Now, for a brief recovery.
The Diamond Of Darkhold is a nice recovery from the abysmal third book. Lina & Doon discover an ancient book, which they were supposed to find upon leaving Ember, which details a special thing for Ember. Believing it's been left in Ember, they decide to go back to the city after seeing a light down there.

One big problem with this is the image printed on the first page of the book. A map of Ember, which shows a fire in the middle, with the name Darkhold embossed over Ember. Very spoilery for anyone with the slightest amount of brain cells.

People are living in Ember, despite there being no lights, and have renamed the city Darkhold. They have a diamond, whose use is not known. Doon steals it, as it's meant for the Emberites, and then leaves the city again.

This is a nice story again. Lina & Doon grow up and are seen to start falling in love with one another, which was obviously going to happen.

There's only one thing stopping this from being a four out of five.


Thanks for reading Emberites and Twitterites. Let me know if you liked my ratings system, or leave comments and the like, or tweet at me on Twitter.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

A Touch Of Wonder

I'm a multi-tasking geek. I do have my interests in video games, and TV shows and technology as well as geeky girls, and one of my favourite shows begins very soon in the US (not in the UK yet, but as some people know, there are ways around that.)

For those of you who have been living under a rock and have somehow managed to miss this great show, here is a brief (well, it started off brief) synopsis.

Ned has the ability to bring dead people back to life, but if they are alive for longer than 60 seconds then something of equal 'life measure' must die. Bring a flower back to life and another flower if you do not 'redead' the flower by touching it again.
Ned is very closed off, and according to him, he does not like suprises. He makes pies for a living at a place aptly named "The Pie Hole".

He also works with Emerson Cod who is a private detective and they solve crimes in this way in order to bring in money. Emerson Cod is an avid knitter. He saw Ned's special skill occur when a criminal he was chasing fell down a large gap between buildings and the criminal grazed against Ned, and was temporarily revived. Emerson loves the money he gets from his job.

Ned hears of his childhood love, Charlotte "Chuck" Charles' death, and he brings her back to life, and allows another to die in her place. She and Ned are still smitten with one another, but they cannot touch as Chuck would die. Chuck is struggling to cope with her new life, and adapting to being someone who is supposed to be dead. She keeps bees and has a love of cheese.

The only official employee at The Pie Hole is Olive Snook. She harbours a love for Ned too, but Ned always seems to shun her and is more interested in Chuck. She initially distrusted Chuck, but now the two have formed a close friendship. She was previously a proffesional horse jockey and was very good at it. Other men have their eye on Olive, but she seems oblivious to their attempts. Olive does learn a secret about Chuck too...
...which she is keeping for now from Chuck's aunts, Lily & Vivian, who spend a lot of time indoors away from social interaction. They took the loss of Chuck quite hard, though one of them does not show it. They were formerly famous aquatic artistes and between them, they have a few secrets of their own.

Hopefully that's a good as synopsis as any. You can buy season one on Play. It is probably elsewhere too, but I recommend Play for any DVD purchases.

Season One was unfortunately cut short by the WGA Strike, like many shows, but the episodes that were made are still full of wonder, much like Bryan Fuller's other death related show, Dead Like Me.

Hopefully you tune in to watch on ABC October 1st at 8/7 Central, or on whichever channel airs it for your country. In the meantime, here are some sneak peeks for the premiere. Also if you are on Twitter, follow the official ABC Pushing Daisies twitter here.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Blogs I enjoy

So, hopefully regular readers (Do I have any?) will have noticed the "blogs I enjoy" section to the right of this blog post. It might be a bit odd, and I know you're not likely to click any of them, without some kind of explanation, so that is this. I did feel a bit silly doing this at first, as it's blogging about blogs, but spudrph convinced me with a tweet.

Let's start with Mental Poo.

This is the one I think people would be most wary of clicking on, especially if there are children in the house or something. However, it is one of the most (if not the most) hilarious blog I have ever read. It's run by a Blogger blogger who goes by the name of Moog for short. He is a 40-year old American man, who has stories that make me laugh for days. He has kids, who being at the young ages they are, cause constant amusement to those who don't have to put up with what they're actually doing. Like the way you laugh at a mother who is losing control of her kids after walking by. Maybe that's just me. This blog is also updated almost daily, and I would recommend reading through the archives for an extra dose of laughter.

From one end of the spectrum to the other now. Let's talk about one of the world's greatest men. That is Mr. Stephen Fry.

As you might have noticed, Stephen Fry prefers to refer to his scribblings on the internet as "Blessays", for he does write enough on subjects for them to be essays. Stephen Fry is a very hard man to describe. Perhaps Wikipedia does a good job, but I will leave that to you to decide. As well as his brilliant blog posts, he also does a podcast, though he calls them podgrams. They are some of the best podcasts I have listened to and allow you to get a good look on one of the smartest men in the world's view on things, and then you realise he is suprisingly normal.

From that to a new blog (to me anyways) called Perception Roll.

First off, I had to print screen and steal that banner. Damn you having no image. This blog is run by many people, but I was linked to it by austenw on Twitter when I mentioned my own blog in a tweet. Austen seems like a techy geek, though he is swayed by Kingdom Hearts also apparently. It is a very geeky blog, much like this one. Maybe more so actually. I am enjoying reading it so far. Not quite as much to write about your blog, I'm afraid Austen, perhaps after more reading.

Now something very geeky on my part. Junichi Masuda's blog.

Actually, it's official title, as you can see is "HIDDEN POWER of Masuda". Masuda is in charge of all the music for the Pokémon games and as such some news about that appears on the English translation of his blog. Unless you're a Pokémon fan, you probably don't care about this blog, and if you are a fan, you probably already read it.

Okay, now a Fanpopper's blog, appropriately named after himself, or maybe it was the other way around. Anyways, it's Maybe a Starbucks.

Also another print screen pinch. This blog is run by fellow Fanpopper maybeastarbucks and is updated with video games opinions and news as well as his main obsession of The Simpsons. I have never known anyone more knowledgeable on The Simpsons than this man. He seems to favour the Nintendo Wii over other consoles when doing reviews and the like. Funny story about him. Many of us on Fanpopn wondered about his real identity before I discovered his blog. I assume that the URL provides us with his real name, though this may yet be another sneaky facade and lie.

Now the final blog, but that doesn't make it worse than the other blogs, oh no. This blog is run by a fellow Twitter-er, and is called Randomness.

It is another fairly new blog for me again. This blog is run by chunkyrican. This may sound strange, but I seem to have learned about her life through various tweets rather than conversations. Slowly these tweets build me a picture of the girl who does post what's on her mind. Moving on. Randomness often shows through chunkyrican's strong Christian beliefs, and though I am not "in" a religion or faith, their history and stories intrigue me. I guess like the above screen print banner says "You either love it, or you don't".

Well, hopefully that will convince you unadventurous people out there to check out the blogs that I like.

In the meantime, if you would like your blog featured in the "Blogs I Enjoy" section, send me the link in the comments and I shall have a look, and see if I enjoy it.

Also, there's now a funky gadget called a SiteMeter at the bottom of my site, so I can see how to increase traffic from all you lovely people.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Web Impact

No, not that kind of web. The internet web (a little rant on that phrase later perhaps). Those of you that follow me on Twitter as well knew that a blog post was in the making. A few days ago I was thinking about the web as I say, and how what we influences what happens in the future.

I find myself these days, signed up to a ton of sites, which I do try and regularly visit and I have the same username everywhere since at least 2008, which is eight years. I guess it's a nice name to have and it allows for some synergy. I have had other users recognise from different websites which is always nice. I wondered whether searching for my own name via Google would bring up many results, so I started to type away in to Firefox's search engine bar as usual. p...k...m...n...t. Then something odd happened.
I am a search result suggestion! Admittedly the second one, but I feel I have contributed little to the web, definetly not enough for anyone to need to search my name out. It's not like searching for example, the user DarkAlex who does all that custom firmware for PSP's. There's about 23,000 hits by the way for me. I know this is due to me having joined and contributed in these many sites and my blog and such, but it's still geekily cool.

I thought more about if I had influenced the internet in some way, and I suppose we all do. Every time you make a blog post, make a comment, digg a story or read an article, or even listen to some music you alter the internet and create discussion amongst people, no matter how few.

Let's call this example person Jeremy James.

Jeremy is linked to your blog via a friend, via a social networking site on a messenger. Jeremy is now able to read your blog posts at his leisure and decide whether he wants to return.

Just as he's about to click off the site, he notices your Twitter badge, and visits your Twitter page, where you have just tweeted about Sum 41. Jeremy remembers them and thinks he and you may think the same things about music. From your Twitter page, Jeremy visits your page and indeed sees that you have "Super" taste.

In another tab, he is still reading your blog, and see what you think about Macs. He agrees with some of your points, but disagrees with most of them.

Later at work, he discusses Macs with his co-workers and gets their opinions on them. He also uses your points in his discussion (one such instance of your influence on Jeremy). Later when he's finished work, he walks on by an Apple store. Thinking about your blog post again he goes in and has a little play on a Mac.

A week or so and more thinking, blog and tweet reading, Jeremy buys a Mac with his next paycheque. This was an indirect result of what you have written about on the net.

So that example was a lot longer than I planned to have it, but hopefully you get my point. What you say on the internet can affect people in the real world. I would caution you and tell you to "Be careful what you say" but there's freedom on the internet.

So go fuck a potato and come back and read some more influential posts when you have time.

Sunday, 3 August 2008


Apparently, I already had a Flickr account set up. 250 something photos to add on, so expect a photostream widget to be added somewhere soon

Few changes

You may have noticed (or maybe not) some minor site changes. RSS feeds are now up on the right, as well as another AdSense ad, as Google recommended it in my optimization report. Twitter's feed has been shifted about a little too. Shall still try and blog when I can, just a little drained from my earlier post at the moment.

Saturday, 2 August 2008


I have two dogs, a jack russel cross bitch and a mongrel bitch (I think, can't recall).

Anyways, I used to have a third dog (my first or second actual dog), who was older than the other two (the jack russel cross is his daughter) and he was my childhood dog. I'd always accepted that I would outlive my Toby, but it doesn't mean I wasn't distraught when it happened.

He'd led a very good life to be fair, and he was always the animal that was there if someone was sad or depressed. I know that sounds a bit lame, but that's just how it is sometimes.

I never really speak out about death, be it people or animals, I keep it all pent up inside, but as I was letting the other dogs out tonight, I thought "There should be one more." Even though I know there isn't anymore.

Toby had to be put down, what must be a few years back now. He had a cist on his neck, which was beggining to irritate him. We took him to the vet to get it checked out, and were assured it was fine and would heal. Unfortunately Toby started to scratch at it, and then it bled an awful lot.

So he had to go back to the vet, and as it was late at night, we had to call one out to his office. Toby clearly knew that he probably wasn't going to come back as we were getting him in to the car. He accepted it in the end, and was completley lucid to the whole thing.

As we took him to the vet, he co-operated and then he jumped up on the table (he had an awful lot of energy for an old dog) and as the vet examined him, he said the best thing to do would be have him put down.

My stepfather asked me if I wanted a moment with Toby, but I declined. It was already hard enough on me. I stroked him and told him "goodbye".

Sorry, in the midst of writing this I started to get teary-eyed and gushed out. Guess it's something I repressed.

Anyways, to finish off, Toby was a great dog and companion when I was growing up. Very sad that he had to be put down, but it was for the best...

Guess this gave you ll a little look in to my life. Shall try and blog more often. I just knew that a single Tweet wouldn't cover what I wanted to say.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Four month absence

Ah, my feet hurt. Not the main point of this post, but something I needed to express. As you may, or may not know, I'm taking a small break of about three weeks to a month of not playing the Pokémon games.

During this time, I've turned to other games that I haven't played in some time, and missed those I have sold on (such as LoZ: Phantom Hourglass) albeit briefly.
Something happened today.

I loaded up a game in my DS Lite (which is slowly dying) and was informed that I had not played for four months, which actually meant that I have not played the game properly for about six months. The way I was informed of this was by a small bluey green female squirrel named Nibbles.

I speak of course, of Animal Crossing: Wild World. Now, here I was thinking I was pretty much done with the game. I've got almost all the bugs, almost all the fish, I just have to wait until the right seasons. However, every time I go to put the game back in it's box to trade in or sell, I just can't.

I lost myself in this game for quite a time, making t-shirt designs and trying to complete the fossil collection and listening to a strange dog sing every Saturday, and then giving me bootleg copies of his music. The concept of a stoner otter who would one day give me an axe made of gold in exchange for a seashell made sense to me.

After not playing for so long, weeds begin to grow in your town, and it's your job to tidy them up. I was doing this earlier, whilst greeting the animals wandering outside such as Gaston & Cesar.

Gaston is the manly rabbit, and Cesar is the monkey. Back to the story at hand, I'd finished cleaning the town of weeds and the like and thought I'd pay a visit to the animals still inside their houses. First of all, I popped off to see Moe.

Moe had nothing in his house, which is very rare for the residents of the town. I spoke to him, and he told me he was moving. When your residents leave, they may go to one of your friend's towns (depending on when you last communicated with them) , but they may also end up nowhere and be gone for good. You can make them stay, but I'm "done" with Moe.

You see, all of your residents have a certain friendship rating with you, and once the rating is high enough, they give you a picture of themselves. This is when I consider a resident finished and able to leave my town for good. So, after telling Moe I didn't care if he left I wandered off.

Now, there was just one more resident left to visit. This is Tipper the cow (great name eh?) and she spoke briefly with me and express her interest in clothes. Residents get interests in certain things, be it bugs, fish, clothes or other stuff. It's then up to you to fulfill their wants by giving them what they ask for in order to build up your friendship rating. Tipper asked me for any clothing, so I switched what I wearing for a t-shirt design of my Fanpop t-shirt. I gave it to her, and she gave me back a t-shirt design that I really wanted, so I was glad.

Then it dawned on me. I'm playing properly. Crap. I've gotten back in to the game. If anyone wants to play with me, leave your friend codes in the comments, and I'll contact you.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Brawl Round-Up Part II

Continuing on from yesterday's (it was yesterday's when I started, but I've been working on it in parts) post, here's the rest of the default characters.


How does Link not realise she's Zelda? Idiot. Anyways, Sheik is obviously similar to Zelda, but I like her Chain move is quite handy and she's a lot faster. Okay, little secret here. Zelda in Brawl creeps me the hell out. Not her attacks or Final Smash or anything, but the way she just kind of glides along when she walks. It's really off-putting. Anyways, Sheik suffers the same problem as many Final Smashes, you need a flat stage to ensure a hit.


A big hulk of power is the best way to describe Bowser. His attacks remain great to use. I like his Down + B move, just because I love attacking opponents from the sky, or in the sky. His Final Smash is good as long as you're not on a too complicated stage.

Donkey Kong

You may have seen me mention my brother's Samus laser charging. Well, DK offers me up a big charge with his Giant Punch move. His Final Smash is frickin' wierd (though not as wierd as Luigi's). His Up + B Spinning Kong attack is always good for inflicting pain and recovering.


Hmmm...any chance I can skip this one? No? Okay. Yoshi's always been a bit odd. I love the character, but the moves I question. I think his only good move is the Down + B Yoshi Bomb, as the Egg Roll is uncontrollable at the best of times, and the Egg Throw hardly counts as a recovery move. The eating of people is best left to Kirby as well.


Peach eh? Her new Vegetable move is cool. What was her Down + B before? Yeah, anyways I like the nod to Super Mario Bros. 2 with that. Oh okay, it was in Melee according to Super Mario Wiki. Filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler, filler. Final Smash = Rubbish. Stupid Peach.

Ice Climbers

I hated these guys in Melee. Now after having to use them in SSE, I'm quite partial to them. I think it was their scrolling stage that irritated me, and now they have a cool stage and an awesome Final Smash. The Squall Hammer is a useful move as you can use it in midair as well.


You may have noticed my nods to midair attacks. This means that Pit to me, is awesome. Not to mention I have and love Kid Icarus: Myths & Monsters on my Gameboy. His Palutena Arrow attack is amazing and his A button combos are good for 'trapping' your opponents. I don't use the Mirror Shield much, but everything else gets good use.


I like his stage, and Ashley's Song (let's start off good). The Wario Bike is cool, but again needs a flat stage to be really good, or an enclosed stage Stamina battle. His Final Smash of Wario Man is rather disappointing compared to the other high speed, high power Final Smash.


Never played Fire Emblem. Never liked Marth & Roy. Ike, however, seems to destroy everything. According to Snake's codec, he handles a two-handed sword with one hand. His Aether attack is good because of grinding damage from the initial sword throw and then damages if it's a recovery move. His Final Smash is a good close contact one because you can get everyone at once, and it's got very good knockback.

Pokémon Trainer

It has an é in. Spell it with an e and I judge you. Obviously the favourite for most people is Charizard, but I love Squirtle. A bad thing about the Pokémon is that they only really have two B moves, as Up has to be a recovery move and Down is to change Pokémon. Love the Final Smash and that the Pokémon Trainer is Red, not Lucas.

Diddy Kong

Why Diddy and no Dixie? Harumph! His Final Smash is uncontrollable and shabby. His Peanut Popgun attack is pretty useless. I don't like Diddy. NEXT!

Meta Knight

His combos are amazing. His Final Smash too. Meta Knight's whole persona in the games is spot on as well. His B attacks leave something to be desired, but that's easily made up for by his regular aforementioned attacks.


I never used Ness in Brawl very much, so when Lucas seemed like a Ness clone I wasn't too fussed. I tried him out and now he's the most used character on Brawl. The main reason for this is the very cheap PK Thunder move, as unlike Ness' it can score mutiple hits. Yeah, Lucas = Awesome. Ness = still crap. His Final Smash can be quite handy and I've no idea why people knock it.

King Dedede

Oh lord, he's powerful. So many KO's with the Jet Hammer. The Waddle Toss is cool too, especially if you get a Gordo. His Waddle Dee Army Final Smash is one of those where you can press B and then sit back and laugh as everyone else is shoved off the edge of the screen. His Up + B Super Dedede Jump is useful, not only for causing damage, but for avoiding attacks too.

Captain Olimar & Pikmin

Olimar is one of my most used characters too, but he suffers from the Pokémon move limitations too. You need B to get Pikmin and then B + Down to summon them all back to you, leaving him with only two special moves that cause damage. Pikmin Throw can be great though, depending on which Pikmin you throw. I always try and get white ones (for Poison) or Red (for fire damage). His Final Smash cannot be avoided as far as I know, which is very, very handy.

So, that's part two done. Expect part three soon, which will deal with the first half of the secret characters.