Saturday, 24 May 2008

Four month absence

Ah, my feet hurt. Not the main point of this post, but something I needed to express. As you may, or may not know, I'm taking a small break of about three weeks to a month of not playing the Pokémon games.

During this time, I've turned to other games that I haven't played in some time, and missed those I have sold on (such as LoZ: Phantom Hourglass) albeit briefly.
Something happened today.

I loaded up a game in my DS Lite (which is slowly dying) and was informed that I had not played for four months, which actually meant that I have not played the game properly for about six months. The way I was informed of this was by a small bluey green female squirrel named Nibbles.

I speak of course, of Animal Crossing: Wild World. Now, here I was thinking I was pretty much done with the game. I've got almost all the bugs, almost all the fish, I just have to wait until the right seasons. However, every time I go to put the game back in it's box to trade in or sell, I just can't.

I lost myself in this game for quite a time, making t-shirt designs and trying to complete the fossil collection and listening to a strange dog sing every Saturday, and then giving me bootleg copies of his music. The concept of a stoner otter who would one day give me an axe made of gold in exchange for a seashell made sense to me.

After not playing for so long, weeds begin to grow in your town, and it's your job to tidy them up. I was doing this earlier, whilst greeting the animals wandering outside such as Gaston & Cesar.

Gaston is the manly rabbit, and Cesar is the monkey. Back to the story at hand, I'd finished cleaning the town of weeds and the like and thought I'd pay a visit to the animals still inside their houses. First of all, I popped off to see Moe.

Moe had nothing in his house, which is very rare for the residents of the town. I spoke to him, and he told me he was moving. When your residents leave, they may go to one of your friend's towns (depending on when you last communicated with them) , but they may also end up nowhere and be gone for good. You can make them stay, but I'm "done" with Moe.

You see, all of your residents have a certain friendship rating with you, and once the rating is high enough, they give you a picture of themselves. This is when I consider a resident finished and able to leave my town for good. So, after telling Moe I didn't care if he left I wandered off.

Now, there was just one more resident left to visit. This is Tipper the cow (great name eh?) and she spoke briefly with me and express her interest in clothes. Residents get interests in certain things, be it bugs, fish, clothes or other stuff. It's then up to you to fulfill their wants by giving them what they ask for in order to build up your friendship rating. Tipper asked me for any clothing, so I switched what I wearing for a t-shirt design of my Fanpop t-shirt. I gave it to her, and she gave me back a t-shirt design that I really wanted, so I was glad.

Then it dawned on me. I'm playing properly. Crap. I've gotten back in to the game. If anyone wants to play with me, leave your friend codes in the comments, and I'll contact you.

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