Thursday, 17 November 2011

Now optimised for mobile!

So, my blogs should now be optimised for viewing on mobile devices. Like the mobile look?

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Epilepsy Awareness Month - My Epilepsy

So, November is as stated above, and as someone with epilepsy, I guess it's partly my responsibility to make others more aware.

I'm going to detail how I discovered mine, what a seizure/fit feels like, how I cope now and so forth.

I've basically had my head issues as long as I can remember but as they were never serious, and were more of a nuisance than anything. During a normal tidying up of my flat, I had my usual head thing happen, which is:

I get a loud ringing in my ears, like a flatline sound, and then a series of images akin to a film plays in my head. There are three or four sets of films and though I can't remember it once my attack is over, I recognize the start of them when I am having them. Then an immense pain in my head, followed by pain in other areas every so often.

Usually that's where my thing ends, but during this time I blacked out.

I was aware I had been unconscious for a few minutes thanks to the clock in the living room but I was otherwise okay. I got up off the floor and continued to clean and then it happened again and I was out for nearly 10 minutes. I had bashed my arm against the doorway so had flailed in my vulnerable state and injured my arm.

I then panicked and realized that my local doctors wouldn't be open due to the time, but rationalized that I could call NHS Direct and ask them about it.

They said it sounded like a seizure, and advised that I go to the walk in center in town. I went there and they did a few tests and then referred me to my current epilepsy doctor, who ran some MRI tests and others and gave me the diagnosis of epilepsy.

Since not too long after that I've had medication, and haven't had anything else happen. I wasn't able to drive until I was fit free for a year, but then I got a free travel pass which has proved very useful.

I hope you are a bit more aware now, I'm not sure what else there is left to say.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Apprenticing in Pokémon

I've been playing Pokémon Emerald a lot again lately, and have remembered my favourite feature.

It's the apprentice in the Battle Tower. They are a trainer who asks you questions about which Pokémon they should use in the Tower, and battle moves and the like. They ask you one question a day until they feel successfully mentored by you, at which time they are replaced by a new one.

Then they are assigned a position in the Tower's single rooms, so that you meet them in battle or team up with them in the Multi rooms.

However, when you mix records with another Emerald game, you also share all your apprentices and a trainer of yourself for use in your friend's Tower.

I also really like Record Mixing, just because of all the data it shares amongst games, and to see all the data the game tracks. Make a big purchase at a PokéMart and then mix records, you'll be on your friend's TV on a show. You'll also be in their Record Hall for the Battle Frontier.

There's also the sharing of secret bases, which not only shares your base, but all the registered bases you have and vice versa.

Record Mixing is still present in the fourth generation games (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum) but doesn't share as much data as Emerald, nor are as many in-game things changed.

I'd love to see the feature return in a big way.

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