Tuesday, 30 September 2008

A Touch Of Wonder

I'm a multi-tasking geek. I do have my interests in video games, and TV shows and technology as well as geeky girls, and one of my favourite shows begins very soon in the US (not in the UK yet, but as some people know, there are ways around that.)

For those of you who have been living under a rock and have somehow managed to miss this great show, here is a brief (well, it started off brief) synopsis.

Ned has the ability to bring dead people back to life, but if they are alive for longer than 60 seconds then something of equal 'life measure' must die. Bring a flower back to life and another flower if you do not 'redead' the flower by touching it again.
Ned is very closed off, and according to him, he does not like suprises. He makes pies for a living at a place aptly named "The Pie Hole".

He also works with Emerson Cod who is a private detective and they solve crimes in this way in order to bring in money. Emerson Cod is an avid knitter. He saw Ned's special skill occur when a criminal he was chasing fell down a large gap between buildings and the criminal grazed against Ned, and was temporarily revived. Emerson loves the money he gets from his job.

Ned hears of his childhood love, Charlotte "Chuck" Charles' death, and he brings her back to life, and allows another to die in her place. She and Ned are still smitten with one another, but they cannot touch as Chuck would die. Chuck is struggling to cope with her new life, and adapting to being someone who is supposed to be dead. She keeps bees and has a love of cheese.

The only official employee at The Pie Hole is Olive Snook. She harbours a love for Ned too, but Ned always seems to shun her and is more interested in Chuck. She initially distrusted Chuck, but now the two have formed a close friendship. She was previously a proffesional horse jockey and was very good at it. Other men have their eye on Olive, but she seems oblivious to their attempts. Olive does learn a secret about Chuck too...
...which she is keeping for now from Chuck's aunts, Lily & Vivian, who spend a lot of time indoors away from social interaction. They took the loss of Chuck quite hard, though one of them does not show it. They were formerly famous aquatic artistes and between them, they have a few secrets of their own.

Hopefully that's a good as synopsis as any. You can buy season one on Play. It is probably elsewhere too, but I recommend Play for any DVD purchases.

Season One was unfortunately cut short by the WGA Strike, like many shows, but the episodes that were made are still full of wonder, much like Bryan Fuller's other death related show, Dead Like Me.

Hopefully you tune in to watch on ABC October 1st at 8/7 Central, or on whichever channel airs it for your country. In the meantime, here are some sneak peeks for the premiere. Also if you are on Twitter, follow the official ABC Pushing Daisies twitter here.

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  1. I thought the season two premiere was dreamy! May have to re-watch it this evening.


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