Friday, 26 December 2008

IT'S wait, it's Boxing Day

So, now a short blog post about the presents and things I recieved, before I make a "look back on 2008" post soon. First of all though, as it's more important, I'd like to mention the things I gave.

Youngest Brother
I have three brothers (I'm the eldest of the siblings), and the youngest one (please don't ask me ages or specifics) likes Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers and those kind of shows. So he got the first season on DVD, which I found at a good price while Woolworth's was closing down. He's been watching it quite happily on his DVD player. Middle Brother The middle brother (is he 17? That sounds close) played Animal Crossing: Wild World a lot for quite some time until we had to send his DS off for repair about two weeks ago. His main forums for it went down lately too, which sucks a little. However, he got Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City for the Wii. He borrowed my DS to transfer his Wild World data and appears to like it. I assume he'll enjoy it more when he starts gathering friend codes and the like.

Oldest Brother
He only has a PS2 at the moment, and disliked FIFA 09 when he tried a demo. I have no idea about football/soccer, but as I understand it fans of the games either like FIFA or PES. As he'd mentioned his dislike of FIFA, I got him PES and he seemed quite happy about it.

She likes the Narnia films, and as my parents had got her the first one, I picked her up the second film, which I actually went to go and see with her. It took about half an hour from her opening it, to going and watching it which was nice to see. Mother Gok Wan's new book, almost brought the wrong one when in Waterstone's, so thanks to the helpful assistant there. She spent Christmas afternoon browsing through it.

This wallet still hasn't arrived yet, but he knows he's getting it and desparately needs a new wallet.

I got Crayola DS stylus's which are still in my pocket at the moment and I was using them on Animal Crossing: Wild World. The wrapping around them is the proper Crayola stuff, which I used to tear off as a child, so that's becoming a hard temptation to resist. Then there was all the usual things such as pyjamas, money, and smelly sets. I also got a Discworld Companion book, as my shelf is filled with Pratchett novels, and My Name Is Earl season 3 on DVD. The best gift I got however, which I am still wearing and intend to use every day is my binary watch. Something I mentioned a few weeks ago after seeing it on ThinkGeek, and seeing how they worked. It's absolutely awesome.

Mine is blue. The time on those watches is 10:15. It's a pretty cool and geeky way to see what time it is, and I'll look either clever or childish when telling folk the time. Hope you all had a great Christmas, and are looking forward to 2009 with bated breath, much like myself.

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