Sunday, 16 November 2008


Objection denied, Mr. Wright.

Those of you who recognise the logo above will know what I am about to blog about. Those of you who don't know it may not be as enlightened as the other group by this post. However, there shall be a brief history lesson in all things Ace Attourney.

The first three Ace Attourney games were released in Japan under a silly long name that I can't remember. The first one "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney" was released in the UK for the DS sometime ago. It proved very successful here and in North America, so the rest of them were translated and adapted, and a new version was made from scratch.

I know that the idea of a "courtroom drama" may not sound enticing and engrossing but it is. The basic premise of the game is to prove that your client is innocent. Usually you (the player) sees the murder take place prior to meeting your client. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong.

In order to prove your client's innocence you need to gather evidence about them. This ranges from talking to other characters, examining items and exposing lies in what people say to you. Once you have the right evidence, and statements, the game progresses to court where you must cross-examine eyewitnesses accounts and present evidence to the contrary. You start off unsure of how to proceed, and then you begin to piece it all together.

At times like this, when you have evidence which proves the witness is lying, you may press Y and shout OBJECTION! at your DS. This again, you do timidly at first, and then by the end of the game, you're imitating Phoenix Wright when you shout it. You can also press X, but that's for losers.

I've started to get back in to the game series, and if you haven't tried it before do so. If you have, pick up any of the ones you're missing.

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