Thursday, 30 December 2010

iApp Review - Board Games

These are apps in my "Board Games" folder.


Who doesn't love Scrabble? Scrabble on the go on the iPhone is very good, and essentially the same as playing it on a board.

There's quite a cheating "Best Word" button that though you can only use four tines is really cheap.

Pass and Play is good, and can be done over one iDevice or via WiFi between them.

Your other option is to buy "Scrabble Tile Rack" on four iDevices and then the main Scrabble game on an iPad and then have a super expensive game of Scrabble.


Buy it here - (UK iTunes) Scrabble

Price: Free

Words With Friends is a game like Scrabble but you play against other users and at whatever pace you want.

I could play a move soon after someone else and then be waiting a few days for them to make a move, or if they're in a different time zone it's convenient too.

There's also a chat feature which is sometimes handy. There's still a Pass And Play and local multiplayer options available but the main bulk is playing against other users online.

Words With Friends (Free) is an essential app if you like games like Scrabble.


Download it here - (UK iTunes) Words With Friends Free

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