Friday, 8 January 2010

Merry New Catch-‘em-all-up

gotta_catch_em_allSo, my last post on here seems to have been quite some time ago. Firstly I should wish you all a belated happy new year and then let you know what’s been going on in the interim.

RelationshipHeart-BlendingThe main reason I’ve not been blogging is because I’ve got a girlfriend recently, and I’ve been rather busy with things that aren’t blogging whilst getting a new relationship started up and making her happy.

Head Issueslivingwithepilepsy3The problem with my head seems to be epilepsy to let you all know, but not the usual photosensitive kind that people think of when they think of epilepsy. I don’t know what triggers it yet, but I’ve been told I can’t drive for a year to ensure I’m free of any attacks. I’ve also got some medicine for it to take every day and then I’ll be updated on it in about four months.

I’m too young for thispeter.parker.uncle.ben I’m now going to be an uncle, as my little brother’s girlfriend is a few months pregnant. It’s a bit odd, as he’s the youngest member of the family, but the first one to be having a child. Still, I am quite happy for them.

KittenskittensI don’t know if I mentioned it on here before, but we now have kittens, as seen above. They are very cute, and are named Charlie and Hiro.

That’s all I can think of that you need be caught up on for now, I’ve got a few reviews that I’ll get around to writing when I’ve the time, and a few tales to tell, but for now this is goodbye again for a bit.

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  1. how often do you get to read about epilepsy, girlfriends, uncles and kittens in one blog? genius


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