Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Remember Novémbré

2822667304_a8d1a3a593_oI’ve had a busy, but fun past two weeks, so didn’t prep a “monthly look ahead” post as I usually do, so it’s being posted now instead.

Sketchy on the details3782499419_e661e6b4c1 I’m going to try and keep at a steady pace with my drawing once again, and try as hard as I can to get the comic started before the end of the year.

Job Huntingian-smith-old-cv-page-1I often get fed up with my job, and I know it could be a lot worse, but it could also be a lot better, so I’m going to see what else is on offer out there this month.

Brains!brain-1 I’m going back to the hospital on the 20th of this month, to see if they can tell me any more about my seemingly mysterious neurological problems. I am hoping that they stick me with some medication, or run some more tests. Anything else than “meh. You seem fine.”

Unfortunately that’s all I can think of for this month, well, as long as I’m happy right? And I’m currently very happy and often ecstatic. :)

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