Thursday, 5 November 2009


mask2What a way to start a story about bonfire night, with a picture of Jim Carey as The Mask. Man, my blog is awesome. :)

219269xl So perhaps you celebrate Guy Fawkes’ Night, to go with the tradition of celebrating the downfall of the infamous gunpowder plot. If you don’t, the basic tradition is to launch fireworks and have a bonfire like the one above, whilst eating unhealthy foods like hot dogs and burgers.

My family often celebrated this, until we all got a bit too old, but are doing it tonight for my little brother’s girlfriend as she’s not ever had a fireworks display before. I am alas working, but I don’t mind.

splode Anyways, if you’d like to cast your mind back a few years, when I was 16 I think. I had just been out with a few friends and was ludicrously chilled out, and it slipped my mind that it was actually bonfire night.

I got back home and the festivities were about to begin, and the grandparents arrived, as did the next door neighbours I think. I was happily rocking about and enjoying things, when I was pulled aside and entered in to a conversation I didn’t think I’d ever have. I’m obviously paraphrasing, so if my mother comments, she might recall the situation better than I.

Mum: “Joe, are you stoned?”

stoned I was quite taken aback by this, as previously mentioned, no drugs ever. I’ve never even had a cigarette.

Me: “No…why?”
Mum: “Yes you are. Don’t do it again when you know Gran and Grandpa are going to be here.”

Now, I understand that most folk think I look constantly stoned and worry what I would actually be like if I were stoned, as I’m laid back enough as it is, but to think that I actually was?

I don’t think I was spoken to for much of the rest of the evening, having somehow let people down by supposedly doing something which I’ve never really even entertained the idea of doing.

Yeah, that was certainly a fun conversation, in which I seemed like the bad guy without even realizing it.

I was also accused a few months later of leaving discarded cigarette packets in the garden, but I’m sure that was really my youngest brother starting smoking back then.

That’s my super fun bonfire night memory, anyone else got any good ones?

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