Friday, 22 May 2009


I don’t keep up with PSP news, even though I do already have one, but only have three games for it, one of which came with the console. However, I’d seen that Sony are thinking of releasing a new console.

10719-pspgorumourspanCould Sony just stop stealing ideas from Nintendo? These are just a mock-up, but it’s rumoured that it will have a sliding screen, and no UMD port. Yes, no UMD port. So your old PSP games wouldn’t work on it.


Rumours are that you download games via the PlayStation Store and put them on your memory stick, and play them off there. This takes away from shopping in game stores, which I really like doing, but maybe it’s dying out. We’ll see at E3.

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  1. "Could Sony just stop stealing ideas from Nintendo?" why do you think Sony is stealing ideas from Nintendo?? Pls tell me too. in the world have many human so 1000 thinking and 1000 ideas, i not want thinking for this about, I will use PSP Download to play games forward


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