Monday, 18 May 2009

Brawl Review – Part IV


Let’s try and get this review of characters finally finished off, this has been hanging on for about a year now.



Wolf seems much better than Fox or Falco, but do we really need three characters that have the exact same move set and the same Final Smash?

Toon Link

Toon_Link_ArtworkMuch better than Link in every way to me, and I prefer Toon Link’s adventures (Spirit Tracks, Minish Cap etc.) to the main adventures. He’s pretty quick and has a decent Final Smash.


Robot2I know ROB is hated by many fans, and seen as a waste of roster space, but at least he is not another clone. His Final Smash is the worst aside from Peach, but his laser (B) is great. Play against him with Kirby and nab his laser. BEEEP!


I remember how excited people were when he was first announced, we saw gameplay, he looked great, but then…he was terrible in actual gameplay. Very hard to control final smash, almost no killing moves. What a waste.


SnakessbbOur other guest character is the complete opposite. Good killing moves, very useful and powerful. His Final Smash is fun during 4 player matches, but a bit annoying in one on one.

LucarioLucarioBrawl Give me back Mewtwo. Lucario isn’t bad, but when he plays so similar to Mewtwo, it just makes me want him back on the roster.

Ness250px-NessBrawlBlech. Go and use his much better clone of Lucas instead.

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