Sunday, 3 May 2009

Does this mean I have to act like an adult?

So, by the time you read this blog post I will be 22. Does this mean that I’ll stop playing Pokémon and Animal Crossing and stop dancing in the midst of the market? No. No it does not.

Prove I was dancing! I’m not quite this good.

Age means very little these days, and I’d like to think that apart from broadening my interests and becoming a little more mature in my career, I am very much the same person I was even 5 years ago.


But I know I am not. My experiences have changed and shaped me, and further experiences will continue to do this. Years ago, I didn’t think I’d be starting to plan a web comic or be getting back in to drawing, or even have my own place. Yet the things I’ve done and have been through have enabled me to get through the hard bits of my life and come out the other side a fairly normal person.


I’m looking forward to becoming 25, one of the big milestones, and hopefully this blog will still be going and I’ll share the whole journey with you.


By the way, let me assure you, I’m suitably drunk by now.

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