Monday, 29 June 2009

You want to do what?

150107066 I’m not sure how any DM ever put up with me. So, same wizard character that I discussed here but this happened before that.

Usual quest thing, going in to an enemy hideout from the top. Meaning we had to take a large amount of make shift stairs down, but we had a large pit in the way, so with my wizard and his gigantic staff, I thought it would be a good idea to pole vault across the gap.

“Can I do that?” I had asked the DM, it being my second game ever.
”Pole vault across the gap?”
”So, you want to stick your staff down the hole, then kind of swing across?”

”Okay” said the DM. “You go to stick your 20 foot staff down the hole to vault across, but the hole is 30 feet deep. You fall and lose half your hit points.”
”Ow” (I like to empathize with my characters in D&D)

”’Ow’ indeed.”

The other players eventually helped me up, and I instead chucked the pole to our nimble thief and he put the pole across the gap, and had everyone walk along.

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