Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Bags of holding are not nice places

8_swim_350x300 If you’re following me on Twitter you probably saw me make note of this recently.

I’m a big geek, there’s no denying that, and back in my teens I did play some Dungeons & Dragons with a few mates, which was actually Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2.0 I think.

Either way, I had a wizard chap, whose name is lost to me and I’d acquired a bag of holding a few games back, which I was constantly using to store all of the loot we found.

A few games later, when we had all (four – six of us playing) obtained steeds and rode in to a new town for a quest, we were directed to a deep dungeon cave, and told to saddle up our horses.

“Oh! I’ve got an idea. Can I just put my horse in my bag of holding?”
I’m sure I rolled for something, but can’t recall.
”Yes,” replied the DM, “but remember to take it out later.”

So, horse in my backpack along with all other trinkets and so forth and we went plodding about the dungeon taking down enemies. Then our gaming session came to a close as nightfall fell back in the real world.

A few weeks later, we got back in to it, and came across a large lake, wherein we needed to swim underwater and get under a small cavern to retrieve the item we’d been hired to get. We had a quick scrabble of ideas, and then the thought crossed my mind.

“Hey, what about my horse?” (I had named it, but I forget what)
”Fine, check your bag of holding.” spoke the DM with an evil undertone.
”Your horse is dead. After being left in the bag for the week or so you’ve spent in the cave, it starved and is now beginning to have it’s flesh fall off.”
”Oh…” I pondered a moment longer. “Could I use it to swim across, as a kind of floatation device?”
”I suppose you could…”
”No wait. Better idea. If I shove my head in to it’s mouth,and then swim underwater using it’s lungs for air?”

I drew a crude sketch at this point, demonstrating my ludicrous plan and spoke of it further, while the rest of the group laughed and gave me odd stares.

”Okay,” the DM noted. “You can do it.”
”No rolling?”
”Nope, no rolling.”

So, I swam across and under and got whatever magical thing it was we needed. It triggered a boss fight on land, and my horse’s corpse was incinerated by the boss (I think the DM didn’t want me to reuse it) and I snagged some experience points by using magic missile whilst coming back to land.

That was a fun time. I’m such a big bloody geek. And I love it.

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  1. This is good stuff Joe. Brings back a lot of memories of playing D&D. I find that D&D can really bring out a lot of creativity...and your 2 anectdotes about the horse (putting in the bag and using it as a scuba-device) are evidence of that.


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