Saturday, 20 June 2009

facebook vanity

facebookYou may be aware that facebook now offers up usernames for users, or vanity URLs as they have been called a lot. I thought I’d check and see if certain famous characters have been claimed by anybody as often happens when usernames first become available. If you do claim one, or know of one that’s gone, let me know. Let’s see, well know characters first.

I’ll try some Pokémon now.

  • Pikachu – Really, no-one has Pikachu?
  • Magikarp – For some reason this directs me back to the homepage. One last try.
  • Ditto – No luck here either. Maybe one more.
  • Oddish – Finally, A HIT! I expected a friend of mine to have this, but he wasn’t as lucky.

Kingdom Hearts folks. Hmmm…Organization XIII?

  • Roxas – Got one first try!
  • Marluxia – That’s been claimed too.
  • Luxord – That’s been claimed as well.
    I’m sure all the Kingdom Hearts characters names that can be claimed have been done.

That’s all I can be bothered to do. What’s your vanity URL, anything good? Seen any decent ones? Let me know.

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