Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Guest reviews/posts

GUESTgif I know what I’m doing now when it comes to reviewing games and after a good month of blogging, I realised it can be irritating to crank out a few good blog posts, so here’s my plan for being lazy. E-mail any reviews or posts to and I’ll get it up here on the blog. According to SiteMeter, I should average around 300 visits a month, and 295 page views if that influences you in any way.


You can review whatever you like, so long as you stick to the 2009 review style that’s on the blog. Include pictures in the e-mail if you like, but if not I’ll find pictures and the like. If you’re reviewing something I haven’t yet (such as books/movies) please replace the five video game categories with appropriate things. As long as there are five percentages, the overall rating works.

Regular Posts

Regular posts can be about anything and everything, send them along to the same e-mail.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to change blog posts as I see fit for whatever reason I choose. You will receive an e-mail to tell you when your blog post will go up and a link will be given to your blog/website for visitors.

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