Sunday, 7 June 2009

A chain of memories

When you remember one thing, that leads to remembering another and then another and then another. Our memories are connected. Many pieces are linked together like they’re in a chain that makes up each of us. I don’t actually erase any memories -just take apart the links and rearrange them. You still have all your memories.

Okay, I took that from Kingdom Hearts: Re: Chain Of Memories, but thought it would be quite apt.

My cousin and I were discussing memories and childhood, and somehow ended up on earliest memories. She told me that hers was when it was either my fourth birthday, or her fourth birthday and her memory is of me showing her how to paint the number four.

Now this sounds fine, and a nice memory, until she mentioned that I had actually managed to draw it backwards when painting, akin to the one below.

backwards4However, we were alerted to the mistake and corrected it, so it probably looked kind of like this in the end.

correct4What the fuck, four year old me? Get out. We landed back on my earliest memory, and I guess that’s what the point of this post is apart from mocking my artistic skill back then, which I doubt has improved much.

So, my earliest memory, is being a small baby on the bus with my mother, and apparently going off to my grandmother’s. I whack my head as we drive round a corner, and that’s about all I remember majorly until starting school. I recall being given lots of books about something that was happening in the family, but I don’t remember any content of them.

Anyways, it would be cool to hear some early memories from peeps.

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  1. you were about 6 months old when you banged your head on the bus..we were standing up to get off at grans and a car hit the side of the bus making both of you hit your heads.
    Can't remember you being given the books but they were probably simple childrens books about copeing with death as they knew your sister had just died

    my earliest memory is standing in a cot in my grans house opposite the park and watching the village bonfire, don't know how old i was


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