Sunday, 28 June 2009

Comic strip script

Pikachu_by_PkmnTrainerJFor anyone who doesn’t know, I’m trying to start off a web comic with my meagre drawing skills and I had an idea earlier, which I can’t put to paper at the moment, so here’s the script for now.

[Blank panel two voices, one on left, one on right]
<Loud Explosion>
Voice 1: What was that?
Voice 2: Wasn’t me.

Voice 1: Well, if the explosion wasn’t you then…
Voice 2: Oh shit. Daddy!

[Burnt out, exploded Electrode in the middle]
[Male Voltorb on left, female on right, both teary eyed, female crying.]

Yeah, sounds kind of rubbish, but I’ll see when I’ve drawn it.

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