Friday, 19 June 2009



38 cents. What the heck can you even get for that? To me, it actually works out as about 23p, so what could I get for that?

img1210165178I could buy a Cadbury’s Fudge, and have a small amount of change left and probably not much else. Why am I going on about 38 cents? That’s because it’s what I got from last month’s advertising, which you see plastered about the site. I also get a small portion when people visit my blog, so if you keep visiting, I’ll accumulate a small amount of cash.dollar_sign_smiley_sticker-p217766239362699014q0ou_400 Not that I’m getting a large amount of money, or am encouraging further visits. I guess this post was a way of letting you know that you’re doing some good by reading all the rubbish I write, and thanks a bunch for it.

Hopefully, in three years or so when I accumulate the $100 needed to get it in my bank account, I can offer up an incentive sketch, or something cool.

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  1. LOL...should i click some banners or what? i enjoyed the post...anything british is right by me.

    Joel Henderson aka. @comeuppence


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