Saturday, 8 August 2009

Why do I draw?

Weedle_by_PkmnTrainerJSo, why do I draw or sketch? I was awful at drawing as a child and continued to be poor at high school, but still did draw occasionally and then got more in to the writing aspect of things offering up short fiction or doing game based “diaries” on EWB.

Then around October/September I went in to town on a whim, and remembered I had this goal on my 43 Things about doing a web comic. I went to WHSmith’s and picked up a sketchpad and a few pencils.

Now of last count, I have 70 pencils of varying lengths and thicknesses etc. and sketchpads going from A2 to A5 and regularly draw for fun.

I am trying to work up to getting a web comic off the ground, but it’s taking more time than I thought. Crazy ideas like the “angry love monster” and the “monktupus” are heavily rooted in now.

Who knows what the web comic will be like when I finally get it started?

So why do I draw? Because I enjoy unleashing my creativity in to the world.

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