Sunday, 2 August 2009

It’s –us Gloop!

charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory-9 So, that was my attempt at being witty, and if you still don’t get it, what’s wrong with you?

July has come to a close and all the sunny sunny-ish not too bad rain and thunderstorms type weather has been hammering us throughout in the UK. As I usually do, I look ahead to the month and let you know what I have planned for it.

Moving all about


If you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen that I had to kick out an non-contributing (didn’t pay rent or anything) flatmate who also happened to be a family member. At first I was concerned, but after finding out she owed over £1,500 within the last year for late rent payment, I wasn’t bothered. She went back to live with her parents, and it’s now mostly resolved.

However, this now means that my best mate, @benjirino will be moving in, which makes a whole ton of sense really as we spend a vast amount of time together playing games and watching DVDs and obsessing over Lost.

Duck soup! Duck what?

I’ve also been playing Final Fantasy X-2 a lot, trying to get 100% on the first run through. I’ve accomplished it before, but have had to use New Game Plus to do so. I’m just trying to beat Shinra at Sphere Break at the moment.

It’s not Final Fantasy!

RaminasLet me level with you. Final Fantasy XII. It’s not a Final Fantasy game, none of the right elements are there and the story bores me to death. 

I’ve tried multiple times to play, but as soon as Ben is moved in we’re going to try a simultaneous play through of Final Fantasy XII when we both have some time off to at least try and finish it. It will not be easy.

Dungeons and Discourse

800pxdungeons_and_dragons_gameDungeons & Dragons will be occurring round my place some time this month. Got a group of four/five people interested. It will be a basic character creating session, with the first few bits of an adventure I have planned out. It’ll be fun.

That’s all I really have planned for this month, a nice easy month.

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