Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Nine year old poetry

ernesto-thinking Not, as you may suspect poetry written in the year 2000, but poetry written when I was nine years old. You see, as a school we did a book called “Orchard Days” which I suspect is long out of print. I will however show you mine, from when I was in Year 5 I think. You have some Year 7 poetry and sketches to come yet at some point too. You could choose a few categories, and I chose “Our School”. It is entitled “At Our School”.

If you come to our school,
You will have fun,
Some people will be a fool,
And their work won’t be done

When you are at our school,
Obey this rule,
Stay cool!
And at home be a fool!

Looking back on it, it’s not bad for still being in single digits. However, I’d heavily criticize myself for starting sentences with the word “and”. I recall that being an aggravation to most of my early English teachers, and I know I’ve since tried to outgrow the habit.

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  1. good stuff...i am feeling inclined to find some of my old stories/poems.



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