Monday, 3 August 2009

The secret of the box man

Hello yourself, box man.

An employee left work recently and had the idea to make a face on a box and leave early on his last day. He had already labelled up the walkie talkies as Mr. T, Saddam and Gilbert which no-one has noticed, but that’s only a small thing. However, the box he made a face on, he couldn’t decide where to put it so that it was noticeable to those who knew it was there, but not to people he didn’t want to see it.

Me: “How about on top of the lock-up?” (The lock-up is a big locked cage where we keep alcohol)

So, he got the ladders and put it up there, which looked slightly humorous, but still not good enough.

Me: “I know, take a pole from these things, then jam it in that box of wine carriers, and it’ll hold up there.”

And it did…

IMG_0202I’m such a fucking awesome manger.

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