Sunday, 26 July 2009

Lexi & Rodney

tobycloseMany of you have read the blog post about my dog which still makes me sad to read and think about. The dog above, from The 10th Kingdom, does remind me of him a little, but Toby was more of a mixture than a pure breed, so was more rugged than that.

Recently, fellow blogger Rodney (better known as moog) lost his dog within the last week, and wrote about it here and it resonated with me and made me sad.

I don’t want to go out of my way to make you, blog reader extraordinaire sad, but rather just to highlight how painful it really is to lose a pet.

I was also recently informed that a cat almost as old as I am is on his last legs, and I fear that will break the owner when he dies, as he’s now 17 years old and I’ve known the own for at least 20 years, and know how much happiness having that cat has given her and how much it will tear her apart and that saddens me too.

Sorry, no laughs or social commentary or reviews today. Leave a comment for Rod on his site if you’ve had to go through a similar thing, and let him know he’ll be fine. Cheers.

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