Saturday, 11 July 2009

MRI-Ai, Ai, Ai, Ai

alpha5mightymorphinI was thinking of the word MRI and it reminded me of the gay robot from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I am a geek, as the blog mentions so you can see how my train of thought went.

So anyways I had an upcoming Magnetic Resonance Imaging appointment at the hospital, but was called up earlier to come in to the hospital that day.

This meant that I had to leave all metallic things elsewhere whilst going in to the giant death machine. It’s the longest time I’ve ever been away from my iPhone since getting it.

350px-Modern_3T_MRIThese things are bloody freaky.

Anyways, I was told to lie down, and given some music to listen to ( blech) but it did little to block out the monstrous sounds of the magnets.

I had to wear a strange thing around my head, and when I went in the machine I was staring at a blue line, and was told not to move and was pretty sure I couldn’t anyway.

Some magnets went off, and then later the doctor tapped on the outside, which was rather loud, and then that amount of magnets went off (i.e. he tapped four times, four magnet bursts went off).

I was taken out of the machine, and told I was done. I won’t know any results or anything for a while, but of course I will blog about it when I do.

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