Monday, 27 July 2009

Twitter Categories


I’ve written about Twitter a few times and consider myself a pretty prominent user of the service having used four separate apps for it on my iPhone (partially my reason for getting one) and a few desktop apps as well as text updates when I began. I was musing on the people I follow and thought that I might be able to categorize a few of them.

Real World

fragmadPeople that I know in the real world, such as @benjirino and @fragmad (above). I follow these people because I’ve known them for a number of years, and don’t always have time to see what they’ve been doing much like people on facebook.


dreyesboPeople that I follow because of a mutual interest obsession with the TV show Lost, which is now entering it’s final season. Some such as @TheODI I follow for Lost news, others such as @Dreyesbo (above) I follow simply to have a chat about Lost with occasionally and see them live their everyday lives.


lanceYes, like anyone on Twitter, I follow some celebrities. Ranging from @lancearmstrong who is well known to most of the world to @NatalieAbrams who is one of my pseudo-celebrities I follow, who I’d also class along web comic artists and things.

Social Networkingclaire-aka-bob-119028_240_180

I know Twitter is a social network anyways but I also follow my other social networking contacts such as @Claireakabob from Fanpop and various EWBers.


The locals such as @CannonGod are nuts as evidenced by the above photo. I just follow them so I can see what’s going on in the area around me, such as the Leicester Twesta events which I haven’t yet been able to attend. :(

I follow loads of other people as well, and have long since forgotten the reasons, such as @chunkyrican and @geekandahalf as well as @austenw but I still love following and interacting with them all.

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