Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Dream a little dream of me

So, the following is an odd dream I had recently, which I thought might make for a quick blog post.

"I work at an office wearing a suit and all, where there is a large desk at the head that I share with a few co-workers. We get on well, so have a few chats.

Some days pass and I have a holiday coming up, or I'm off geocaching or something. I open up the large desk and remember there is a spare drawer, and I slip some geeky things like a Rhydon sticker and dice in there and set off wherever I was going.

I get back and my co-workers are smirking and avoiding me. A new member of staff had apparently taken over the drawer my geeky things were in and someone hands them back to me, trying to avoid laughing. I stash them in my pocket and make my way back to my desk."

Yes, yes I realise that it means I should probably be more up front about the geek that I am, and was feeling bad about not being so. Perhaps this is also influenced by the little Bonsly sticker I stuck up on my current workplace's lockers, that's been there for ages.

The whole Pokémon thing seems rather foolish to people who don't play, hence why I don't include it in my introductions. If you know I play and I know you in the real world, I try and use me telling you that to say that I now trust you more than anything. I'm a rather closed off person at times, and you know as much about me as I want you to know usually.

This was a lot longer than originally intended. Never mind.
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