Friday, 18 September 2009

Autographs & Apologies

Sorry I've not been around for about a month, but I've had no real Internet access for about that long. Instead of saying I'm sorry etc. I'll give you a few samples of what's to come but alas without the aid of rich text it's back to basics.


In case you don't know, I dislike The Office, so when one of my Twitter followers asked me to watch his YouTube show resembling The Office I was skeptical, but it's been great. A full review will come soon.


I've been watching the Futurama films for the first time too so I'll be reviewing them in due course.


Have been downloading a ton of new apps which need to be reviewed too.

Other things at a glance: Fanpop, sprained ankles, work sucks I know, Japan, Wiiwork and more stuff.

Should be in to proper blog writing again soon.

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  1. Thanks guy. look forward to the review. Season 2 kicks of the 2nd week of October on

    Joel Henderson


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