Saturday, 26 September 2009

Blinkered Season Two Preview

In case you missed the season one review there it was. Now, some trailers have come out on YouTube and I have been asked to give my opinions.

jimboabuse The comical Jimbo abuse continues (that’s him on the floor by the way) and Big Al seems to have a bit more of a central role. Some characters looks (such as Dennis) have changed a bit between seasons and I know for one scene Joshua Knight (who plays Jimbo) needed his hair as shaggy as possible for some reason. No sign of Richard in the trailers alas, but in that vein one of my issues with characters was addressed;


Yes, the Blinkered office is no longer a sausage fest! There’s at least one (currently unnamed) female character and the trailers promise “new characters" so hopefully we can expect some more.

Actually the character above is named Wendy Joelseph played by Lauren Knust.

Whether this is a prop choice, or simply Apple’s brilliance showing through everything, it seems that most of the Blinkered office (the company name hasn’t been mentioned from what I recall) have iPhones save Jimbo, who picks up his 90’s-esque phone when Big Al is attempting to find him.

It prompted some good laughs from me, especially in the initial trailer: New Shirt. It’s going to be great, and it’s going to be coming to come October 7th, but for now, watch all the trailers below.

Hopefully Joel (Dennis) or Joshua (Jimbo) will slide me an early episode one so I can have a review ready for the day it goes up to the public, and I hope you’re all watching. It’s genius.

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