Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Lost on Twitter

As some of you are well aware I'm a big fan of the show Lost, and a prominent user of Twitter. The two seem to have intermingled a lot lately though, with people posting as characters or organisations from the show. In following them, you can enter an alternate reality, which some users play very well. You might be interested in following some of them, so I'm going to 'showcase' the best ones.

Let's begin with various versions of The Island's leading surgeon: Jack Shephard

Jack Shephard
This is an "Oceanic Six" account from the folks over at SpoilerTV forums. Not sure who runs it, but have a check around and you can find out. Keeps updated too.

- Jack Shepard
A fairly recent account, but the use of hashtags puts me off. Seems to be run by the same bunch of people who run an account called @The_Island.

There's two more but I wouldn't bother with either one of those. One has only two updates, and the other one may be a real person called Jack Shephard.

Now on to another main character, another of the infamous love triangle on the show: Kate Austen
- Kate Austen
Suprisingly there is only one Kate on Twitter, this is another one from the people at The_Island. This account seems to post some strange stuff about selling Aaron on eBay and other odd bits, but as she's the only Kate (for the time being), you're kind of stuck with her.

Now, the last one in the triangle to get it out of the way (oh how I despise it), James Ford, also known as Sawyer.

- James "Sawyer" Ford
Errr...this account has no updates. Fair few followers though.
- James "Sawyer" Ford
This user has protected their updates, so I can't really see what's going on there.
- James "Sawyer" Ford
So, you're left with this account, with the use of hashtags again. Not the best choice again.

Now, on to the resident Iraqi of The Island, who will break your neck with his legs, Sayid Jarrah.

- Sayid Jarrah Only one Sayid Jarrah that I can see, and it's another Island hashtagger. I don't know, I feel like the hashtags take away from the alternate reality feel that fictional character accounts should try and put across.

Now, as Sawyer calls him, the "rotund" Hugo Reyes.

- Hugo "Hurley" Reyes This account is another SpoilerTV one and another well run one, though a bit slow in updates. - Hugo "Hurley" Reyes
This is another Island one, which apart from the strange background doesn't seem chuckle worthy.

One half of our Korean couple, and the guy who survives any kind of explosion, Jin-Soo Kwon.
- Jin-Soo Kwon
Whoever runs this obviously reads spoilers as there's a few name drops around of unseen characters, some Korean wouldn't go a miss, but otherwise it's okay.

Now, for his wife, Sun-Hwa Kwon.
- Sun-Hwa Kwon
Another Island account, and again the hashtags put me off, but that's just personal preference.
- Sun-Hwa Kwon Another account from SpoilerTV, and in character too, but a bit sparse with updates.

Recently deceased, then alive again John Locke also has an account.
- John Locke Again, a very out of character Island account. Not hating on whoever runs The Island, just irks me that they're out of character, when they're accounts for fictional characters in the first place.

Now, there's also one of my favourite characters, Desmond Hume there.

- Desmond Hume
Though not updated for about a month, and having the big promotional picture as the background, this account is not too bad.

The Others
The bad, I mean good guys on the show. Some sillyness mixed in with all of this account. A very fun one to follow.

DHARMA Initiative
The people who built all the stations on The Island. Another fun account, may be the same person/group of people who runs The Others account.

Have I missed anyone off? Have you started a new account you'd like me to add? Comment and let me know.

Please note: Names in bold were used as search terms on Twitter to find the accounts.

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  1. The Hashtags are a bit annoying, I agree, but since so many Twitter users use the search function "#LOST" is a great way to attract new fans.


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