Monday, 23 March 2009

J casts Break!

Maybe you read this post or this one about me ballsing up my above iPhone, which was a very foolish thing to have done. Well, my good luck continues.

I've been playing the above game quite a lot recently, finishing off all the missions and progressing through the story another time (I have already completed it once) and it's been really enjoyable. As a sidenote I recommend it for any Final Fantasy fan, or anyone planning on buying Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (as it works on a similar system apparently).

I've managed to reach 60% or so through the missions and had a few of the Break HP etc. Limits. To those who have not played the game, these are very good things.

Put down my PSP last night, and sat down to watch TV. Slumped back in my sofa, kicked over my coffe, and it went all over my damn game system.


I cleaned the system and thought it was alright and played a few more missions on it after allowing it to dry out, but then later on today I discovered the L Button was stuck down.
This means that the camera spins, which is annoying, but I could cope with, but also makes the game cycle through options during battle. Which makes it unplayable.

Fuck. I have no god damn luck. Well, let me grab my DS instead and see how I can break that.
Oh, there we go. Bollocks.

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