Friday, 23 October 2009

Parapraxis is hilarious

tonguedgirlBetter known as a Freudian slip, or slip of the tongue is when you say something that you thought etc. but didn’t mean to vocalise. I guess the story I’m actually telling is about a slip of the mind (but in a similar sense to a slip of the tongue, rather than another phrase for forgetfulness) but it remains funny nonetheless.

Firstly, you need some back story to fully understand this. My youngest brother’s girlfriend had a large fall out with her parents who weren’t exactly nice, or the most attentive or aware of parents (She’s never had fireworks on November 5th, and got a £3 t-shirt and a sandwich for Christmas gifts and Christmas dinner) so she decided to move in with our family and now my parents are her guardians and she’s not had much contact with them.

However, they did recently apologize for some things that they’d done, and as she noted "They made up just in time for me to get them Christmas presents” but I was told of a phone call she made recently that got them not talking to her again. Her actions below:

610x *looking through phone to ring my mother*
Finds the ‘Mum’ contact to ring, and calls her
Her actual mother answers, as she’s the “Mum” contact
”Hey, is Pete there?”
”No. Why would Pete be here?”
”Oh, er never mind. Bye”

Yes, she called her actual mother when she went to call my parents. So I guess her parents aren’t speaking to her again. Oh well, no big loss there.

Also, this is my 100th post of 2009. Woop!

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