Sunday, 30 December 2012

Ringing in the new year with Pokémon


So, fellow Pokémon players, how can you start 2013 off in the Pokémon world? I am going to make a small list or guide of what you can do on 01/01/2013 in Pokémon.

There’s going to be lots going on, so I will list it below by game (Please note: I have not listed regular daily events).


Johto (Generation II)


The new year starts off with the Bug Catching Contest in the National Park, where you can catch rare Pokémon like Pinsir & Scyther.

Underground_PathNext you can get your Pokémon primped in the Golden Rod Tunnel for a small fee and it’ll make your Pokémon love you more.

citem There is also a chance to meet Tuscany, if you haven’t already, on Route 29 who will give you a lovely Pink Bow.




In Sinnoh, you can get stuck in to a battle against Cameraman Tevin, who is waiting for you at Jubilife TV for your first battle of the new year.



Julia will be in her usual generous mood in Sunnyshore City and will give you a Shock Ribbon for telling her a story about a shocking event involving Pokémon.Spr_DP_Interviewers

You can also do a bunch more Pokémon Center battles against many tough trainers. Please check all the Pokémon Centers in Sinnoh for a good time of battling (Platinum only).


Johto (Generation IV)

The events mentioned in Generation II are on, as well as more things below;

If you have met Tuscany and got the TwistedSpoon already, he will give you a Shock Ribbon for applying to your Pokémon, provided you have met all the other Weekday Siblings at least once.

HGSS_Dragon's_Den-Day In the Dragon’s Den, your rival will be there training himself. If you speak with him, you will be able to battle Clair & Lance alongside him in a double battle. This is a tough battle, be prepared.Bellchime_Trail

For registering the Gym Leader’s on your PokéGear, you will need to visit Bellchime Trail and speak with Morty there, and then it’s off to Cinnabar Island to register Blaine too, any time during the day. You can then ring Blaine during 10am and 7:59pm and Morty can be called for a battle from 8pm until nearly 3am the next day.

HGSS_CameronCameron will take a photo of you and your Pokémon at these locations to ring in the new year;


  • New Bark Town
  • Ruins of Alph (inside)
  • Route 32
  • Ilex Forest
  • Goldenrod Tunnel
  • Route 35
  • Pokéathlon Field
  • Olivine City
  • Safari Zone gate
  • Blackthorn City
  • Frontier Front


  • Route 1
  • Pewter City
  • Saffron City Magnet Train station
  • Celadon City fountain
  • Fuchsia City
  • Seafoam Islands
  • Route 26


Nimbasa_City_Spring_BWIn Nimbasa City, you can encounter Strikers and Smashers in the Big Stadium and Small Court respectively for battling.


Don’t forget that there’s always loads to do in Pokémon, especially when you play with your friends!

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