Sunday, 6 April 2008

Brawl again - Part I

I have the week off, what kind of updates are you expecting? Played a lot of the Subspace Emissary so far, and have created some cool stages, which I'll send out if anyone's reading this and wants my friend code.

Character analysis/comments so far:

Mario - Plays very much the same, his Final Smash has got me a lot of KOs though.

Donkey Kong - The DK that I always mean when I say DK. His moves haven't changed either from what I can tell. A good heavy hitter still. His Final Smash I haven't used.

Link - His wind boomerang has dealt some good damage for me, and the bombs are great especially when no-one notices you grab one to throw later. His Final Smash is on the same level as Mario's.

Samus - Same again with Samus. Her Final Smash is very painful though. Zero Suit Samus' whip moves have saved my ass a lot though.

Yoshi - I finally mastered his B and Up egg throwing! His Final Smash is a little difficult to control, but I think I've got it.

Kirby - One of my favourites is now being constantly knocked back by others. Have I changed my style of play, or is Kirby just not as good as he used to be. I still love 'im, but Pit & Ike are way up there now too. His Final Smash is great to use at the top of the screen for instant KOs.

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